About us

The evolution in the operation and maintenance of buildings

About the Company

Intellimation is a Master Systems Integrator focused on maximizing the performance of commercial buildings. Performance being occupant health and comfort; and energy and maintenance efficiency. We are engineers at the core, and assemble to best BIoT technology combined with efficient processes get the most out commercial buildings.

What We Do

Intellimation is focused on the deployment and utilization of software tools that are collectively referred to as Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS). Tools that fall under this heading include:
BAS – Building Automation System
EIS – Energy Information System
AFDD – Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics
ADR/C – Automated Demand Response / Control
ASO – Automated System Optimization

And because software is never enough, we leverage these tools with expert services that include:
MBCx – Monitoring Based Commissioning: New and Retro
CCx – Continuous / Ongoing Commissioning
24/7 Monitoring Command Center

The process involves connecting the building’s energy metes and BAS data to an archiving platform. So that, our team of energy, BAS, & HVAC systems analysts, reviews BAS & mechanical drawings, and the output of the analytics software, in order to understand the building; the team also helps correct any problems/faults and implement approved optimizations. We then verify the results and the analytics tools continually monitors the system and alerts on any degradation in performance

The Right Technology People & Processes

A virtual meter uses BAS data run through a mathematical model to calculate energy use. They are inexpensive and can be created for nearly all HVAC equipment connected to the BAS. They are a valuable tool in understanding what subsystem is consuming the energy.
An MSI is a company that has the expertise and experience integrating different building automation products and systems into a single, interoperable platform. MSI’s have expertise and experience with different BAS/BMS systems such as Johnson Controls, Siemens, Honeywell, Niagara, Trane, Automated Logic, Schneider, etc. This is in contrast to a typical controls vendor that works primarily with one BAS/BMS product line only. MSI’s require a much deeper knowledge of various protocols like BACnet, LON, Modbus, OPC, and wireless protocols like Zigbee, Enocean, Wifi, Bluetooth, and IP protocols like TCP, UDP/IP, SNMP. This knowledge allows us to truly integrate disparate systems and allow them to work for your company’s goals and objectives. While there are other MSI’s out there, Intellimation has extensive experience and considered in the top tier of MSI’s.
We enjoy and pride ourselves in being on the leading (sometimes bleeding) edge of technology. We work with Dr Jin Wen at Drexel University on the development of new advanced AFDD tools. We are working with DOE/PNNL to develop Volttron as an open source, vendor neutral connecting/trending/archiving platform to enable EMIS. We work with several analytics vendors to develop and enhance their products.
Operational savings are low cost (high ROI) initiatives focused on making your building's present assets work optimally. Through a retro-commission or building tune-up process, we uncover and fix inefficiencies in the way the building is presently operated. We can do this more cost effectively by leveraging the data from your energy use and BAS, and running through analytics/fault detection software. Our goal is make the building compliant with ASHRAE standards 90.1 for energy efficiency, 62.1 for ventilation and air quality, and 55 for thermal comfort. We can work with any building automation system. Through the process we will give you better web-enabled tools - dashboards, energy alerts, temperature alarms, etc.
Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) uses energy consumption and building automation system (BAS) data to guide the re- and retro-commissioning processes for existing buildings. The initial steps involves establishing connectivity to the existing BAS system and energy consumption data. Trends are set-up to collect and archive data. Typically several weeks to several months of data is preferable. Shoulder months are good times for data collection as the building will cycle through heating, cooling and economizer modes. Analytics/fault detection software tools are used to visualize/analyses the data to pin point problem areas and make a hit list for onsite investigation/mitigation. Mechanical/electrical and programming problems are typically uncovered and repaired. Controller reprogramming for optimal energy use can also be implemented. During the process, energy retrofit ECM's can be developed for later implementation. Once the building is brought up to optimal performance, ongoing/continuous commissioning software can be left running to detect future inevitable degradation as it occurs.

We are very well versed and stay abreast of the ever growing list of software products and vendors. We can help to understand and navigate through the sales hype to select the right solution for your application

Building performance can and will degrade over time. Intellimation engineers can review the output from the analytics tools and provide ongoing support

Our team of engineers is deeply technical and highly experienced. We get deep under the hood and onto the front line of building performance.

a level of visibility, control, automation & optimization that is more that the sum of its parts

Superior technologies

Intellimation has built an all-in-one platform by combining 4 applications - enteliWEB for BMS/BAS & EIS, Grafana for high performance dashboards, Skyspark for AFDD, and connected to buildings via Volttron. To provide a level of visibility, control, automation & optimization that is more that the sum of its parts - synergy.

Our Value Proposition

We assist building owners in choosing the best technology, and applying it correctly. The key results are improved comfort and thus productivity, reduced maintenance cost, and reduced energy use. We are techies, and always testing, and using the best available technology. We have assembled a very capable team, and we have develop the best processes to apply the technology most effectively.

Smart-Energy-Analytics & Optimization

Buildings are full of hidden energy savings potential that can be uncovered with the right analysis. Intellimation’s process combines sophisticated energy and BAS system monitoring, using advanced software tools, with advanced retro-commissioning (RCx) practices with the aim of providing substantial and persistent energy savings. Our process combines Man and Machine in a deep dive into your building's performance. Our domain experts, leveraged with the best software analytics tools, will uncover faults/anomalies/inefficiencies, and develop energy efficiencies measures (EEM’s) or optimization strategies.
  • Improved occupant comfort and productivity
  • Reduced energy use/cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost - due to improved troubleshooting, and preemptive/proactive service and repair.